About Me

So, who is Wander to You?

What do you get when you combine a passion for writing, photography, and the desire to help others? You get Wander To You.

Wander To You is a Social Media Management business based in Southern California and specializes in travel destinations, outdoors, and adventure businesses that need some help in growing their business.

Running a business is hard work and your day should be filled with doing what you do best, and that’s running an amazing business, not worrying about coming up with witty captions for social media, managing your website content, and converting those followers to customers. That’s where Wander to You comes in.

As a traveler myself , I know what people are looking for on social media to plan their next vacation. Did you know that only about 12% of businesses use Instagram, but Instagram gets over 10 times the engagement over Facebook?! What could your business do with 10 times more customers?

Meet the girl behind Wander to You.

Wander To You is a one-woman show owned by yours truly, Kerisa Kiele. I earned my BA in Communication from Boise State University while I lived in Boise for three years and I hope to call it home someday again! I’m a wanderlust spirit and my happy place is behind the wheel, with my boyfriend Anthony riding shotgun, my pup adventurous miniature dachshund Butters on my lap, and an open road ahead of us.

IMG_20181015_105536I have worked behind a desk in customer service for over a decade and I plan to use that wealth of knowledge along with lessons learned along the way to help give people what they really want, and that’s to live a happy life with a successful business.

I have found some of my favorite vacation destinations and restaurants, and met the most inspiring entrepreneurs thanks to a love of travel and with the help of social media. I knew that there had to be a way I could help these small businesses, who have so much to offer, tell their story, and give them more freedom resulting in getting more customers in the door. So I decided to combine my customer service experience, college knowledge, and love of helping others into this business and became a Social Media Manager.

I have been told I have a contagious laugh and talk with a smile on my face, and I think that’s what will make your experience with myself and Wander To You a great one. I want you to not only be successful with my help, I want you to truly enjoy our working together, to look forward to our partnership, and to become friends.

I deeply thank you for your consideration,

Kerisa Kiele of Wander To You